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Abu dhabi
+971 4 883 0233 Sun - Thu 08:00 - 5:30 MB06, RA08, Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai , UAE
+971 2 6765979 Sun - Thu 08:00 - 5:30 P.O. Box : 33719, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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ZT-100 F-Series

The ZelenTech F-Series is designed to enable usage of spool sections 100% compatible with main lines while the flanged probe (316L or or other austenitic steels) will provide an isokinetic measurement (i.e. it does not create flow distortions leading to measurement errors).

ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Monitors (also known as BS&W, OWD, WFM or Water in Oil Analyzers) offers you unmatched flexibility as we offer virtually unlimited number of configurations.


ZelenTech ZT-100 Watercut Meters (BS & W, OWM)


  • Automatic Temp Comp
  • Built in Density Comp
  • HART + Modbus available
  • PC Interface

F-Series Specification

Parameter Value
Response time 1 sec
Sensitivity 0.01%
Repeatability 0.1%
Output 4-20mA + HART
Power Supply 24VDC (Loop Powered)
Power Consumption 0.66W Max
Temperature (Media) +150° C (250 with High Temp Option)
Temperature (Ambient) +60° C
Ingress Protection IP66 / Nema 4X & 7
Measurement Range 0-25% or 0-100%
Pressure Rating Up to Class 1500#
Nominal Sizes 4 inch to 48 inch
Material (Probe) 316L (Optional Duplex, Monel or other steels)
Material (Spool) Standard: A106 Gr B Optional: Any other standard pipe material.
Seals and electrical insulators PEEK


Parameter Value
Principle of Operation High Frequency Digital Capacitance
Resolution (Low Range) 0.001%
Accuracy (Low Range) 0.01%
Resolution (High Range) 0.05%
Accuracy (High Range) 0.05%
Repeatability 0.01% Absolute
Max Water (Low Range) 25%
Max Water (High Range) 100%
Temp Compensation Range >0°C – 180°C


Parameter Value
Wetted Steel Material 316L Standard (More exotic materials available)
Seals PEEK
Max. Working Pressure Up to Class 1500#
Max. Fluid Temperature 180°C Standard (240°C Optional)
Max. Ambient Temperature 65°C
Process Connection ANSI, DIN, JIS


F-Series Configurations and Features

Flanged Models:

  • Slip-On Flanges or Weld Neck Flanges.
  • ANSI, DIN or JIS Flanges
  • Available from 4 inch to 48 inch
  • Compatible with any Piping Specification

Measurement Ranges:

  • Low Range 0-25%
  • Mid Range 0-65%
  • High Range 0-100%

Design Features:

  • Fully Flanged Design
  • Blow-Out Proof Self-Jamming Sensor
  • Isokinetic Inline Sensor
  • 2-wire Loop powered
  • Temperature Compensation
  • Optional Density Compensation


New: For large sizes we now give the option of utilizing the retractable I-Series probe instead of the traditional F-Series flow-aligned probe. Trade-off is that the unit will not be fully iso-kinetic, however for large pipe lines servicability without removing the main spool may be of greater value.


The ZelenTech ZT-100 F-Series can optionally be fitted with an integrated Static Mixer (FM-Series). The mixer will ensure that a well mixed and homogenized stream will reach the sensor. We configure mixer elements and spacing in accordance with standards such as ISO 3171 and API MPMS8.2 to ensure that the sensor will see a truly representative view of what is going on in your pipes.


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